Who certifies carbon projects

Today there is quite a variety of carbon offset standards certifying carbon projects for the voluntary market. They may be regional or international, large or relatively small, universal, or working with particular types of carbon.

(As of September 2021)

Recognized leaders


Verra is the world’s most widely used voluntary emissions reduction certifier.

  • International and universal
  • 7 standards & programs
  • 1700 projects registered in the VCS Program
  • 630 mln carbon credits issued
  • 340 mln carbon credits retired
Gold Standard

Gold Standard is the second-largest voluntary emissions reduction certifier.

  • International and universal
  • 2000 registered projects
  • 173 mln carbon credits issued
  • 75,8 mln carbon credits retired

Worth checking

Plan vivo
  • International
  • 25 registered projects (23 in the pipeline)
  • 3,5 mln carbon certificates issued
  • 180.000 hectares of land under management
  • 16.000 smallholders generating income from fairly-traded carbon
  • International
  • Focus on biochar, wooden building elements
  • 14 suppliers (145 in the pipeline)
  • 74.000 t CO2 removed
  • 4.000 clients
  • Acquired by NASDAQ in 2021
  • International
  • Blockchain-native registry
  • Focus on soil carbon 5 projects
  • >100.000 carbon credits issued
  • Has become widely known after a large Microsoft purchase of their credits in 2021

Offset your carbon footprint

Solar Water Pumps

Solar Water Pumps

Solar water pumps for salt farmers of Kutch, Gujarat, India
Rimba Raya REDD+

Rimba Raya REDD+

Forest protection project addressing all the 17 UN SDGs in Indonesian Borneo
Southern Cardamom REDD+

Southern Cardamom REDD+

Forest protection project in the Koh Kong Province of Cambodia