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Choose among the most beneficial and impactful offsets to compensate your personal or your company‘s carbon footprint

Future matters

Vlinder puts a lot of thought into creating high-quality offsets

Use carbon credits from projects with proven climate action

  • We only work with projects that have been verified by Verra or the Gold Standard
  • We carefully select those that address several sustainable development goals
  • We only support projects that would last for generations
  • Verified Carbon Standard
    Verified Carbon Standard
    Sustainable Development Verified Impact Standard
    Sustainable Development Verified Impact Standard
    Climate, Community & Biodiversity Standards
    Climate, Community & Biodiversity Standards
    Gold standard

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    Make your business

    Today sustainability is neither a noble cause nor a differentiation from competitors. Minimizing your environmental footprint is a new economic standard.

    Plan and act sustainably with our industry experts: Learn how to have your company’s carbon footprint carefully calculated and minimized, how to choose high-quality offsets and to access your carbon risks.

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